Flat car project

Clark Propst

I've uploaded 8 photos in the photo file with the same name as this emails subject line.

They show how I assembled the flat car model (not available in numbers yet). I attached the stake pockets first, some might want to wait to do that last. I figured with all the handling during assemble I'd find the loose ones on the work bench instead of having to look for them on the layout : ) Only one came off.
I didn't add the corner steps till last, cause I forgot. I would add them when drilling holes of the coupler box and trucks.

The stake pocket channel will be supplied with the model. Everything else you should have in your parts drawers.

I didn't do any underbody detail because I plan to fill that space with weight.

It was a fun couple hour project. Now I need to build the other two versions so I'll be ready when the decals and decks are ready.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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