L&HR NE caboose re-sheathing

Peter Ness

Although I am modeling the New Haven Railroad, I want to run DL&W, LNE, L&HR and Erie consists into Maybrook (only one train each, from staging for interchange - and sorry, the Old & Weary was gone by '59).

I have the old RMC series of articles on the NE cabooses of the LNE& L&HR and I've checked as many references on line to no avail, so I'm asking this group if anyone can answer the following;

Were the L&HR NE cabooses (blt by Reading, etc) re-sheathed in plywood in 1959 or earlier. Later is obviously beyond the scope of this group and doesn't matter to me in any case.

Also, while I'm at it, does any one know a source for the diamond tread roofwalk in HO scale? I have some old cast metal Alloy Forms (I think) material and I am thinking about using this to emboss 0.005" styrene sheet unless there is a commercial product of which I'm not aware.

Thanks in advance,
Peter Ness

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