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Yes, a third thanks and to repeat what Clark stated, thank you for going the extra mile.

I had found the a letter in NP files having to do with Duluth steel mill letter regarding car shortages era 1951 or so reading, (from NP traffic department) "As you know we look to the CB&Q, M&StL, CGW, and Omaha to supply us with open cars suitable to hauling ingots and other of your products from Duluth to Beloit area."

I had wondered about some of these cars and where I would get them. Nice when parts of the puzzle fall into place. Jim Dick – St. Paul

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MON 3011 42’ GB Fixed ends, steel floor Steel
This car (on the "Need ID to a Model" page) is modeled by Sunshine 67.38. See:

Thank you for posting this list, very interesting.
Mike Aufderheide
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