Unbeatable service

Jim or Lisa Hayes <jim-and-lisa@...>

On Tuesday afternoon I realized that I'd run out of Bettendorf trucks. I
like Accurail trucks so I checked their web site. But I didn't want 50 pair
of trucks and I would prefer them without wheels since I use metal ones.
Sliding my eyes further down the page I found 12 pair in mineral red (wheels
not included). Perfect! I can repaint them if needed.

Now what's it going to cost me for shipping? Only $1.02? How reasonable. I
entered my order, got a confirmation and Wednesday morning a note from Eric
that they'd been shipped. The USPS did their part too and I received them
this morning (Friday). That's less than 72 hours from order to receipt.
Unbeatable service!

Now, as soon as I use up my stock of Kadee couplers, I'll go back for a bulk
order of Accurail Proto:HO couplers. My initial 12 pack showed me they're my
preferred coupler.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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