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I think you need to lie and say they're good for UP. Bet that'll get instant approval. <VBG> Are they the same pics you posted on the M&StL list? I viewed them there this morning.

Jerry Glow

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I've added two more photos to the photo section file that no one wants to approve. These two show the power hand brake conglomeration I came up with for the WP and MP cars. I used a piece of a Ajax gear box and a square of plastic. Because the hand wheel is dished I used the one off the Tichy spure with the inside re-enforcing circle cut out. Took four hand wheels before I figured out a technique. Another shows how I added sheet lead to bring the model's weigh up to 4 ozs without trucks, couplers or deck. That was the most rime consuming part of the task.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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