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Bob Sterner

Thanks, Tim. My question was more about overcoating not mixing per se but the additional information is bound to come in handy at some point.

Bob Sterner
St. Paul, MN

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You can mix small amounts of Floquil with Scalecoat I -- I've done
this to get a color shift. I would not mix SC-I with SC-II. And neither
one is remotely like an acrylic paint, definitely do not mix those.
Floquil, SC-I are definitely enamels. Accupaint is the only lacquer
I've ever come across in this hobby -- it never polymerizes. You can
re-dissolve it in its thinner at any time, even after it's been on a
model for 20 years, and spray it again. The acrylics polymerize too,
so I'd call them enamels. (There are latex enamels for that matter!)
I don't know about mixing Tamiya with anything else.

Tim O'Connor

I'm playing around with some color combinations using paints of different types. To get a certain hue I dearly want to overspray a Tamiya lacquer over a Scalecoat undercoat. I know this doesn't work on Scalecoat II because it crazes. I haven't tried Scalecoat I. I'm just learning about advice never to apply lacquers over enamels or acrylics. For example:

Does anyone here know which type (lacquer, enamel or acrylic) are Scalecoat I and Scalecoat II? I know these use lacquer thinner but I'm not sure if that means they are truly lacquers.

Bob Sterner
St. Paul, MN

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