Re: Over Sherman Hill!

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

Clark Propst wrote

I'd like to help Mike Brock get a resin kit built. So, here's a car
that I think went over Sherman Hill.

This is from the MW waybills. I was working on the spread sheet when I
saw this routing.

509 5/13 PWV 1200 XM 41'8 steel box, from Timberlane Lumber Albany OR,
to Lyman Lumber Summit Park, SP-Ogden-UP-CoBluf-MILW-MW, fir lumber 36.6 tons

See September 1993 Mainline Modeler for a builder photo of this car.
It's actually a pretty standard AAR box car and can be built with a
Branchline kit. Also see Railmodel Journal November 1999 for a shot
of P&WV #1236.

Specs: P&WV series 1200-1299 blt 1946 ACF lot 2961
10p rivet RP roof 4/4 IDE-2 YSD-1 doors 8-rung
EQUIPCO brake GYPSUM rb ASF A-3 trucks


4/4 IDE-2: 4/4 "rolling pin" w/ short top rib
YSD-1: Youngstown door w/ recessed partition seams (same
door as used on 1940-era cars)

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
Sterling, Massachusetts

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