Re: Accurail Trucks

Richard Hendrickson

Tim O'Connor grumps:

...Can't say as I share your feelings
about the Accurail "Bettendorf" truck. I can't stand 'em -- they
just look funky to me. Different strokes I guess.
Had your eyes checked lately, Tim? Could you elaborate on what you think
is "funky" about them?

IMO, the Accurail "Bettendorf" truck is one of the best on the market,
crisply molded and very close in appearance to its intended prototype; I'd
fault it only because it's mis-named. It's also the only SOTA HO truck
that represents an earlier ARA/AAR truck with a spring plank; all the
others model AAR trucks of later self-aligning spring-plankless design. So
on many models of pre-WW-II freight cars (and some cars as late as the
early 1950s) they're the only game in town.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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