Re: reflections on decal rivets

Pieter Roos

Except with Tim's editing, it looks like Charlie hijacked the thread while John H. actually used it as a platform for rant on the state of modern modelling in general, and Charlie replied to THAT comment, not Andy's. It isn't clear who read what posts, but follow the thread on the web site and it is pretty evident.

To return to the original topic, it is interesting that the consensus here was that the original Archer product was superior to the Micro Mark version, yet Vic Roseman's review of both in the Model Railroad Hobbyist stated that he examined both on a microscope and had the opposite view, that the Micro Mark rivets were better formed. I suspect that in either case they may be a bit flat to use in a master for resin casting, but I have not tried nor have I seen a kit mastered using them.

Pieter Roos

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Charlie Vik wrote

> I couldn't disagree with you more... average standards / quality
> are the highest they've ever been in the history of the hobby.
> .... [snip] ....

Wow. Most open-and-shut case of thread hijacking I've ever seen! :-)

I think Andy made a solid and coherent argument against the use of
decal rivets for resin masters. As someone who owns many resin freight
cars I can certainly tell the difference in masters made by someone
who really knows what they're doing, and someone who does not. Andy
is right to try and persuade us not to lower our sights. Sure there
is bad stuff out there... but we don't have to accept it, do we?

Tim O'Connor

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