Re: Over Sherman Hill!

Greg Martin


Are you trying to ID the car type? This is a P&WV PS-1 Blt 1947, no end ribs, 7-foot Superior Panel door. I am not sure of the date on your WB so I can't properly ID the paint scheme, but I belive it would have been FC Red with black ends and roof, simple P&WV reporting marks and the typical round P&WV herald (pre-1953 paint scheme with the Symbol of Servive Script). The deccal were available from Champ, but I beleive that they are now discontinued. I have a friend who has had some custom made, I believe he still has some available.Let me know if you need a set and I will contact him.

The saw mill was on the SP&S' OE sub, about 28 miles south of Salem, OR. The mill is long gone.

Hope this helps.
Greg Martin
Salem, OR

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