Re: Dennis Storzek's Kits: NKP/Rutland/DSS&A

Bob Sterner

This is a freight car list, but I don't think anyone has yet mentioned Dennis's other superlative kits, namely the Soo passenger car series he did for the SLHTS. Sadly these too are almost all now OOP (don't miss out on that wood baggage car while you still can get it!), but for me they are examples of the pleasures of building Dennis-designed kits. I think you should all be jealous that I actually need all these great Soo passenger and freight cars!

Bob Sterner
St. Paul, MN

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I actually have managed to acquire all of them except the caboose of Ebay - and despite being apparently stored in a damp basement, the CN car even has usable decals (or are they CDS dry transfers ?)...

in any case, I think the CN car may be the next kit on my workbench...

have fun

As I recall, they were CDS dry transfers, since CDS had the proper sets for the car.

I should take this opportunity (actually I should have taken it last night) to thank everyone for the nice comments about my resin line, and thank Stafford Swain, Ken Goslett, John Nerich, and Max Robin, among others, for digging out prototype drawings and information when such was not commonplace or readily available; Ken Soroos of the Soo Line Historical & Technical Society for allowing himself to be roped into doing lettering art for subjects he had absolutely NO interest in; Ron Roberts of Rail Graphics for turning my fussy art into first class decals, and my long suffering wife Patti for doing a lot of the grunt work, casting and packing. (Yes, it's a trade secret; being married to a woman named Patricia helps immensely in the resin kit business :-)


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