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RE F&C kits:Steve's kits have improved over the years.Some of his early kits
left a lot to be desired.I have built a fair number and have found the
quality to vary. His Rutland stock cars are on a par with Westerfield and
Sunshine.His CP"Big Otis'' is also excellent.He has been upgrading many of
his cars.Two areas that need major improvement are his plans and his

decals-.Armand Premo---- Original Message -----
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I've read some snipes at F&C. What do you guys think of their quality?
I built a CNJ composite gon a couple of years ago and it practically
fell together. The underframe was complex, but all one piece. I
bought a couple of kits when they had a "sale" and I got what I paid
for, barely.
A couple of their built up kits look nice in the Walthers catalog
like their D&H gons.
I bought and built a fair number of their kits under different names
including Yankee Clipper.
The detail isn't as good as Westerfield or Sunshine but the cars are
much easier to assemble.

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