Re: April 1960 Missouri Pacific LCL Study

Bob Sterner

I've been reading whatever I can on LCL for several years. Information of any sort on this subject is frustratingly scant. You're lucky to have found the MOPAC data you described! There is a yahoogroup just on LCL but it doesn't always have much message traffic.

I can't quote chapter and verse, but I've read some reports that say that most LCL traffic used home road cars and other reports saying the opposite. I suspect there isn't a "one size fits all" approach here. In the situation I'm most familiar with, a small city freight house was primarily exchanging scheduled LCL cars with other on-line freight houses. It seems most likely to me most of these would be home road, especially because the traffic didn't justify separate inbound and outbound houses; thus, whatever cars can in as loads could go out later that day. In cases where a substantial number of LCL cars were coming in from other roads, then clearly you'd expect more road names involved.

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George Simmons wrote:
Probably, used whichever cars were available. No use searching for
a car to be delivered if you have one on hand. Railroad was going
to make the same for the movement if in a MOP car or a foreign car.
Also, could recoup some of the per diem cost of having the foreign
car on your road.
You certainly have to protect the shipment(s), whatever car is
used. But the money you make with the foreign car has to have the per
diem subtracted (in effect). Remember, that foreign doesn't HAVE to
stay on your road--you could dump it empty to the reverse route
connection and it's gone, no more per diem.

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