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Thanks Greg and Tim for responding with the data on the box car. Didn't Kadee do the PS-1 car?
Some people impose certain criteria upon themselves as a way of rationalizing the purchase of model equipment. I think Mike Brock wants models of cars that traversed Wyoming. The MW waybills give the routing, some merchandise gets handed off more than a football in the wishbone offense. This particular cars routing struck me as I was entering it as one than would meet Mike's criteria.
I'm doing the spread sheet at work and am up to June. I think Sam has posted all of the year 1954. When I'm able to sort the entries it will be neat to see the seasonal traffic changes. Already I'm entring less fuel oil and coal and more gas and building supplies. The RR itself has received several loads of ties in box cars. Matter of fact almost everything comes in box cars. I just entered the first flat car yesterday. The only reefers have been in LCL service.

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Are you trying to ID the car type? This is a P&WV PS-1 Blt 1947, no end ribs, 7-foot Superior Panel door. I am not sure of the date on your WB so I can't properly ID the paint scheme, but I belive it would have been FC Red with black ends and roof, simple P&WV reporting marks and the typical round P&WV herald (pre-1953 paint scheme with the Symbol of Servive Script). The deccal were available from Champ, but I beleive that they are now discontinued. I have a friend who has had some custom made, I believe he still has some available.Let me know if you need a set and I will contact him.

The saw mill was on the SP&S' OE sub, about 28 miles south of Salem, OR. The mill is long gone.

Hope this helps.
Greg Martin
Salem, OR

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