SHPX 13141 help

Peter Ness

Although the photo I am referencing is from 1966 I don't *think* my
question is beyond the scope of the group because I am postive the car
was in service long before 1960, just not sure if it was in service as
photographed, so please accept my apologies if this car wasn't in this
service until post-1960...

Having said all that, I've been told by a reliable source this car was
in service for US Rubber. The herald on this tank car fascinates me so
I am looking for more detail if possible. The herald is not clearly
visible in the photo, but from what I can tell I would describe it as

Circular; probably 5-6' in diameter; the outer band is red with white
lettering - probably about 1' in width; the center - probably 3' in
diameter - is white and features what I can best describe as a "yachting
pennant" in the center; the "pennant" has a blue background and a white
circular center.

If this car is within the scope of the group I would appreciate as much
info as possible. If outside the scope, any references I should persue
would be greatly appreciated! If this car is appropriate for 1959 I
have to have one or two. The tank looks to me like an insulated 8,000
gallon - in the photo the car (and a sister that is cropped in the
photo) are on a plate girder bridge, so not being able to see the sill
and underframe, it wouldn't surprise me to learn this was a 10,000
gallon tank.

Thanks in advance,

Peter Ness

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