Re: SHPX 13141 help

Ed Hawkins

On Sep 27, 2011, at 2:27 PM, Peter Ness wrote:

If this car is within the scope of the group I would appreciate as
info as possible. If outside the scope, any references I should persue
would be greatly appreciated! If this car is appropriate for 1959 I
have to have one or two. The tank looks to me like an insulated 8,000
gallon - in the photo the car (and a sister that is cropped in the
photo) are on a plate girder bridge, so not being able to see the sill
and underframe, it wouldn't surprise me to learn this was a 10,000
gallon tank.
Unless the car was renumbered at some point (unlikely), SHPX 13141 was
a 10,000-gallon ICC-103 insulated Type 27 car built in 1940. It was one
of 53 cars in ACF lot 2141A, series SHPX 13123-13175. The builder's
photo from this lot number, SHPX 13125, built 11-40, was painted black
with white stencils and plainly lettered for Shippers' Car Line. The
cars were equipped with heater pipes for use in asphalt service. Hope
this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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