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Jim is completely correct. Dennis' kits more or less fall together because they are well thought through and engineered to fit well and just as important, easily together. The "easily" is hard to explain in words. but the patterns were clearly done by someone who was thinking about assembly. Getting your hands on one of his kits would be helpful to you Brian, but I realize this may not be easy.
Thanks again for the kind words, but I'm surprised that no one remembers WHY they "fall together"... Mine were some of the few resin kits that had alignment ledges, for want of a better term, on the back of the parts to locate them during assembly. The roofs had a ledge along each edge to accept the car sides, and the car sides had a ledge to locate the floor. The modeler was still responsible for assembling the roof and sides square, touching up the length with sandpaper, and then gluing the ends on centered. Once that was done, the ledges at the bottom of the sides kept the floor from slipping too far into the body.


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