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The bottom car sides on the M-53 wagon-top are very close to the rail
thus making the sill steps very shallow. From the blue prints the
dimensions of the sill steps are 12" wide (inside) x 9-7/16" deep
(outside). They are formed from 1/2" thick steel that is 1-3/4" wide.
They attach to the side sill from the bottom. The inside opening of the
step would 12" wide x 8-15/16" deep. These are not your typical sill
steps. Replacement sill steps could be fabricated from flat brass
strips ~(1/2" x 2" scale) and attached with "pins" to the bottom of the
side sills.

I do not have an example in hand to verify the dimensions on the model.


Bob Witt

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That's what Bill Welch said when I emailed him pictures of mine. They
shallow to me, too, but I haven't checked that aspect myself.


Brian P. Ehni

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What do you all think about the stirrups on the HO version? They look
a bit
bulky in a photo recently posted at I have one being
shipped. It would seem that more scale size flexible stirrups can be
like Details Associates makes or perhaps from brass. If they are that
bad, I
might replace them and also redo the brake rigging.

Victor Baird
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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