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Peter Ness

Hi Ed.

Thanks. I have learned more about this car thanks in large part to Richard Hendrickson, some additional reseach last night on my own an on the part of a few other New Haven modelers;
- The company that leased this car was T.A.D. Jones Company
- They were in business from at least 1932 (appeals court property ruling) to 1977 (EPA report on State of CT business compliance survey)
- They were located at 200 Waterfront Street, New Haven, CT (ibid EPA report)
- They were a dealer in bituminous coal, oil and fuels (news clippings on-line)
- They had bulk storage (tank) facilities (Google Earth at above address - rail lines are still evident as are plenty of tanks -Ashland and others had tanks in the vicinity)
- They off-loaded oil from barges at the facility (appeals court ruling with a NJ barge company)
- They owned a diesel locomotive that was serviced by Cummins (1957 appeals court ruling with the New Haven Railroad)
- They leased at least two SHPX tank cars (photographic evidence)

...So, this is definitely an STMFC topic...the only question remaining is if they were a SHPX lessee before 1960, and based on the appeals court case in 1957 that mentioned the company owned a switcher, I feel I can go out on a short limb and be comfortable they were leasing SHPX cars pre-1960...perhaps not the car numbers I have evidence of, but for now I can live with that. I'm hoping on the NHRHTA Forum there might be some folks with switch lists or memories...

Peter Ness

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On Sep 27, 2011, at 4:05 PM, Peter Ness wrote:

> Is there a resource for finding out to whom SHPX cars were assigned
> in the 1950's? I've got a couple of leads I can follow up with on US
> Rubber, but that darned herald on the tank car is driving me batty!

Unfortunately I know of no source providing any lessee history on SHPX
tank cars other than original lessees, which are specified in the ACF
bill of materials (cars built from 1931 to 1952). In the case of lot
2141A, apparently all 53 cars were originally placed in pool service as
there are no lessee data specified in the bill of materials.
Ed Hawkins

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