It's always nice to work on a project that has multiple uses or
spinoffs. Stan Rydarowicz asked me to do decals for his DSDX rib side
reefer which was later URTX and Milwaukee. In producing the latter, John
Greedy suggested I make the modifications to make a 4th set - this one
for the Milw rib side boxcar
<http://home.comcast.net/%7Ejerryglow/samples/Milw_rib_box.jpg>. I'm
pleased to announce that has been done and the set added to my line.

I've also added the SAL F-6 flatcar
<http://home.comcast.net/%7Ejerryglow/samples/SAL_flat.jpg> set for the
Chad Boaz castings along with the MP and WP ones previously announced.
Jerry Glow
The Villages FL

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