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Pieter Roos

I have seen published photos of landing craft, blocked up on their sides, being shipped during WWII. I can check the book title tonight if anyone wants to look for it.

Pieter Roos

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I know of several photos of these landing craft loaded on flatcars during WWII. Over 30,000 were built in Louisiana and other inland locations and then shipped by rail to East and West coast ports for maritime shipment and service in the North African, European and Pacific invasions. Apparently the extra width wasn’t that much of a concern, the time being what they were. I think I have photos I can scan if you are interested.

Larry Sexton

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I have some vague recollection of seeing small WWII landing craft being transported on flat cars. An LCVP was 36' long and had an 11' beam. Fine as far as length, then but it might be a little wide. Does anyone else have any record of this, or am I hallucinating? This would make a very interesting load.

John B. Allyn
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Here are three views that may be of interest <> &photoid=-66313070 <> &photoid=25008555 <> &photoid=1860412688

John Riddell

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