Re: FS: FVM B&O M53 boxcars HO & N

Andy Harman

I got my pair of M53s today. Pretty nice. Someone mention the stirrups are
a bit heavy, and the underframe is better than I was expecting.

As far as being RTR... one car had one truck that wouldn't swivel, and on
loosening the trucks, they have no roll or pitch motion at all. And in a
happy coincidence the couplers ride about .030 too low. This is becoming
an epidemic with new RTR product to the point that I don't even attempt to
run a car anymore, it just goes straight to the bench. The happy part of
the coincidence is that the addition of an .015" Kadee red washer and a
Reichert pivot washer takes care of the truck motion and raises the car so
the couplers are on target. Easy fix overall. A whole lot easier than it
was to get FVM's passenger car couplers within a city block of correct height.


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