Re: FS: FVM B&O M53 boxcars HO & N

Andy Harman

At 11:15 PM 10/1/2011 -0000, you wrote:
Max--I think this is what Andy wrote about:
Yep. I use them a lot more than I thought I would. I originally got them
to use on Branchline passenger cars, but I have used them on quite a few
freight cars as well. They are about .250" OD, .120 or .125" ID. They are
.005" thick and the rib etched onto them adds another .005" so they will
raise the car .010"

Many freight car bolsters have a boss that is bigger around than the ID of
the washer, or a 2-stage boss. This has to be removed and then squared up.
So sometimes a little material is removed making up for the thickness of
the washer - assuming you don't need the thickness to being the car up to
proper height. I use a couple drops of CP to secure the washers with the
rib parallel to the rails at one end and perpendicular at the other. You
end up with an effective 3-point suspension. One truck has good pitch, but
little roll motion. The other has good roll but little pitch. So the car
will track well on uneven track, but doesn't wobble.

The M53 out of the box would have derailed on straight track... the trucks
were too tight to even swivel freely, and even after loosening them they
were grinding against the rivets on the bolster. That combined with the
coupler height issue, made the pivot washer a perfect solution and the
Kadee washer added the necessary height. The washers are glued in a stack,
because the pivot washers need to be locked into their orientation for the
3-point suspension to work.


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