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Yes on the hide loading decals (I don't throw nothing away <g>)

What RI Color Guide? I have some but not all

Jerry Glow
The Villages, FL

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Speaking of spinoffs, etc. Do you still make the "Hide Loading Only" decals? Another future need for some Rock Island cars. I know they had a yellow background with black lettering. Found some decent pics in my Rock Island color guide.

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Thanks Clark. Not to encourage too many "suggestions" but this is an example of something I did at the request of a customer and am offering a set of 4 with any new order. Just mention you saw it here. Sorry HO only.

Jerry Glow
The Villages FL

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I gotta say Jerry is the best thing that's happened to this hobby in awhile. Show him a photo and you'll have decals in days. Maybe just the one set just for you. And he's in the USA.

Thanks Jerry!

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