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Peter Ness

Well, the research continues on T.A.D. Jones tank cars; a fellow New Haven modeler reports The 1943 Official Railway Equipment register lists T.A.D. Jones cars as marked "T.A.D. Jones & Co. Inc. ----" and "T.A.D.X. ----" with numbering in the 1001 to 1032 series, with some gaps, for a total of 24 cars. All listed as 8,000 gallons, TM classification. "Report movements and mileage, send bills for repairs and make remittances to T.A.D. Jones & Co., Inc.. owner (shipper), care of Shippers Car Line Corporation, 30 Church St., New York, NY" as of Jan '43.

My 1959 ORER has no listing for TADX, so I am putting out a request for those with ORER's between '43 and '59 to possibly help determine when the ownership ceased amd leasing began. I'm guessing that perhaps when the cars began to be leased that the same cars previously identified with TADX reporting marks were re-stenciled with SHPX marks. This would have allowed cars that were already painted with the T.A.D. Jones logo to retain the herald. Then again, I am not well versed in leasing practices, particularly a transition from ownership to leasing, so maybe an entire new batch of tanks was delivered to T.A.D. Jones and the logo was applied to the new cars.

I'd appreciate any information that turns up on TADX cars.

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On Sep 27, 2011, at 4:05 PM, Peter Ness wrote:

> Is there a resource for finding out to whom SHPX cars were assigned
> in the 1950's? I've got a couple of leads I can follow up with on US
> Rubber, but that darned herald on the tank car is driving me batty!

Unfortunately I know of no source providing any lessee history on SHPX
tank cars other than original lessees, which are specified in the ACF
bill of materials (cars built from 1931 to 1952). In the case of lot
2141A, apparently all 53 cars were originally placed in pool service as
there are no lessee data specified in the bill of materials.
Ed Hawkins

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