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Brian Termunde

Brian Termunde wrote:
I (had to) watch a movie, Last Flight of Noah's Ark, and there was a shot of the B-29 flying over San Francisco, had the
move stopped and zoomed in, there was a shot of the SF Belt Line engine house.
Last Night, I watched Good Neighbor Sam, and there were a couple of shots of SF Belt engines. Interesting timing...and shots of > steam era freight cars in GNS
And then Tony Thompson Editor, Signature Press, Berkeley, CA asked:

I assume you mean the State Belt?


Actually no, although it was the State Belt for the purposes of this esteemed list, when the movie (not move as I misspelled in my original post) was filmed, it was after the City by the Bay had taken over operations. From what I have read in a couple of sources, that is predicted to happen in 1969, and it will then be known as the San Francisco Belt Line.

I had been interrupted and had to send of that e-mail before I added that I had just been reading an article in MR from the 80's on both the Belt Lines in San Francisco, as well as in Alameda, so I thought it interesting timing to have just read the article and then to see two different movies showing that particular line.

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