Re: DIFCO Dump car


I have two Difco sales circulars in my collection. They are "Bulletin
D-15", and "Bulletin D 20". The later issue is undated, but the first one
is dated 1925.
The Difco dump cars had a "double fulcrum" design which allowed them to
be dumped to either side of the rails. The cars could be moved while in
the dump position without fouling on the ties below them, and cast their loads
well off the ends of the ties so that it would not foul the track after
being dumped. The smaller model held 24 Cu. Yd. of material loaded level, and
35 Cu. Yd. heaped. There was also a larger 30 Cu. Yd. model, or cars could
be built to other sizes to suit special conditions.
The company was located in Finley, OH..
Rich Burg

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