Re: Another reporting mark question, UDX 787

Peter Ness

Hi Dennis,

I don't have the correct ORER, but Randy Hammill has turned me on to this web site which is a very good starting point;

UDX is listed twice - both times as United Dairy Company;

They should be listed in the July 1935 ORER and then from July 1937 to April 1938

Hope this helps,
Peter Ness

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Subject: [STMFC] Another reporting mark question, UDX 787

Since everybody has their ORERs out, how about another obscure reporting mark question. Over on the SooLineHistory list, we had some ca. 1935 milk train consists presented, and one of the cars was UDX 787. I looked in the 2/29 ORER I have, but no luck, so here's my questions:

Was this a milk tank or "can car"?
Who was the owning (or leasing) company?
Where was home for maintenance and repair?


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