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Scott Seders

Perhaps Plano could be persuaded to create a template.

Scott Seders

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I was hoping somebody would say it.  I had the same experience with Kadee
grabs, which are so precisely designed you have to drill perfect holes or
they bow or misalign, and I had been doing the same thing with them; cutting
off two diagonally-opposed pins and drilling two larger holes so there is
enough "play", but I have to say, I sure would like to have a metal template,

Elden Gatwood

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Ben, Bill,
I have been using Kadee grab irons on some models for the last few years and
there is a downside side--- that is why I said "some" models. The Kadee grab
has four attachment pins, which requires four precision located holes if you
are going to use them as intended. I know, everyone is going to say "all you
have to is make a template". The way these pins are designed with a slope the
template has to be DEAD accurate, or the grab will not seat right. Remember
these are press fits on Kadee models! This accurate a template is not
something that is easy to make unless you have a machine shop. I am actually
considering having a special shaped template made for the IMWX/RC/IM boxcar
models. The template would be designed to lip over the end and bottom, such
that both grab locations were perfectly located and the holes would be dead
on Kadee dimensions for drilling. For now I cut off two of the "pins" and use
a styrene drill template with oversize holes for some "wiggle room". Not
perfect, but it works fairly well. When my stash of Overland grabs run out, I
will probably get serious about the template/s needed for the Kadee grabs.
Paul Lyons

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Bill Welch wrote:
"I have not seen any mention of this on our list so I thought I let people
know that Kadee now offers their Bracket Grabs as parts. Here are the part
number from their website.

2250 Side grab irons-Red Oxide: 16 pieces
2251 Side grab irons-Boxcar Re: 16 pieces
2252 End grab irons-Red Oxide: 4 pair
2253 End grab irons-Boxcar Red: 4 pair
2254 End grab irons-Black: 4 pair"

These are most welcome parts, as there really hasn't been any decent
aftermarket parts for these to replace clunky or easily-damaged kit parts.
I've been making do with salvaging the Detail Associates parts (which are too
"wide") by cutting away the "brackets" and replacing the "grab" portion with

Ben Hom

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