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John H <sprinthag@...>

BTW, Kadee also does "Printed" custom runs as opposed to their "Thermal printed (Alps)" custom decals. Check their website.

Jerry Glow is doing many great sets and he is having them printed by a high-tech screen printer. I have no idea what his minimum run is but I know that Microscale requires a 250 decal minimum. And they ain't inexpensive.

What I do not understand is what is so much better about screen printing over Alps printing? I have many satisfied customers who feel my Alps printed decals are better than screen printed. I can make decals that are more opaque than many commercial printers. Alps can print readable lettering smaller than some screen printing. It really comes to the method the individual printer uses and his ability to use that method to the fullest.

Often it comes down to artwork. If you have good artwork, either method can yield good decals. It also involves volume. Running 250 sets on an Alps is silly. There is no reduction in cost per set with high volumes in Alps decals. One costs the same per set as 500. Each one takes the same time. The only saving is the number of sets that can be fitted onto one sheet of decal paper. Beyond that, no savings.

But for the guy that wants less than 25 sets, Alps is a great method.

BTW, Don Manlick DMDECALS@TM.NET does very nice screen printed decals and has a minimum of 26 sets. And he is a retired CNW employee plus a great modeler to boot. He is happy to accept phone calls at (920) 684-8688 although he may not always be home. When I get customers that want 25 + sets, I normally refer them to Don.

John Hagen

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So does Jerry Glow but done on a commercial ink printer NOT an ALPS

Jerry Glow]
The Villages FL

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> Bill,
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> Thank you for this link. My stash of Red Caboose spares was running
low! By the by, I noticed that Kadee offers custom Alps Printing.Â
The need for this comes up on the list occasioanally. See:
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> Regards,
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> Mike Aufdeheide

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