Re: Precision Scale Part #s

Tim O'Connor

I've tried several retailers and have never been able to obtain
a package of the #32110 pipe brackets. Can anyone recommend a mail
order dealer who can actually sell me some?

Tim O'Connor

For anyone interested, I looked through my Rubbermaid container of
Tank car parts to inventory my supply of brass Precision Scale
handrail supports or stanchions. I could not remember if the part
numbers had been posted so here they are.

32110 these are parts that come with their little tank car kit, there
are four frets in the packet, with 7 side stanchions and 2 end

48269 I think these are catalogued as pipe brackets. There are 14 per
packet and the shank is heftier than on the above parts. My note on
the packet says to use a #68 drill bit. These are just different
enough from the above to represent a nice variation.

I have not priced these recently so I am not sure if one represents a
better value than the other but I like having both and have used both
with pleasing results.

Bill Welch

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