Re: Warped Plastic Gondola

Tim O'Connor

Paul, I thought every AHM car said AHM in the tooling, so you should
not have to guess. I have a plastic box in the basement with about 100
car bodies including AHM, Revell, Mantua and Tyco gondolas... I agree
with Ben it's probably not worth the energy to heat the oven to fix
as you can probably find a free replacement from almost anywhere. I
am amazed you found a prototype for the model! :-)

Tim O'Connor

Thanks for the "replacement" offer and advice. This model I have is an all steel version. I'm guessing it's an AHM car.

How this all started is; ....Athearn is offering a C&EI, 95300-95399 series C&EI gondola. It is generally accurate only in car-type numbering, otherwise it's "generic". The model has 10 panels and the prototype car had only 8, side-panels. (This was all mentioned in the C&EIHS Volume 29:1 "Flyer" Magazine along with scale dwgs. of the prototype.)

I noticed, then, that I have this old gondola sitting here which has the correct 8 panels, and all of the dimensions are pretty close to the prototype dwgs., except for the "slight" warp it developed over the years. (Don't know when I acquired it.)

It would be a "simple" matter of rebuilding it. I like "kit-bashing" and super-detailing stuff. Also, I am quite nostalgic about these "old" cars that I have which can be made into good models. That's a great amount of "fun" for me in this hobby.

I can send photos of the car but I think it's salvageable if the "warp" can be removed.

Paul Hillman

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Paul Hillman asked:
"I have an older HO 40ft plastic drop-bottom gondola (AHM maybe) that I want to
re-detail and letter for the C&EI.

The problem is it developed an upwards hump/warp in the middle. The whole car
body warped up about 3/32", while packed away for a long spell.

I think I remember it mentioned on this list about how to heat-up a plastic car
like this and re-flatten it out, like in an oven at 100 deg.? maybe?

Any suggestions about how to do this correctly? I don't want to wind up with a
melted experimentation on my own."

Paul, can you post pictures of the model? The real first step is to see if it's
worth salvaging - if it's the old AHM 40 ft gon, I'll be happy to send you a
replacement. If it's an older HO scale plastic composite drop-bottom gon, it's
not an AHM model, but the old Walthers USRA composite gon.

Ben Hom

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