Re: Warped Plastic Gondola

Tim O'Connor

I got in big trouble with my Dad as a kid when I applied generous
quantities of Testors' styrene cement to the interior of a gondola,
possibly an AHM gondola -- I was fascinated by how the glue caused
the sides of the car to bend inwards and the floor to warp upwards.
I proudly showed it off to Dad (it was his model) and that's when
the trouble started... I recall that it was green, lettered for EJ&E.

Tim O'Connor

Injection molded parts are a whole 'nother animal. They were molded under extreme pressure (up to 30,000psi) and then frozen in place to the shape of the mold. Heating an injection molded part is just asking to have it turn into something resembling either a banana, or a strip of bacon. LOCALIZED heating can be used to bend a part... the theory behind deforming gon panels and the like. But overall heating can yield some really unpredictable results. The best bet is to grasp the ends of the part, and play the center ober the hot air from a hair drier... when it yields, STOP, and see if it will stay when it cools. Then quit. Overall heating will not yield good results.


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