Re: Warped Plastic Gondola

Paul Hillman

Well, I'll be durned!!! I finally found the small manufacturer name in the car's underframe, covered with some paint. It was made by, "Bachmann - Made in Taiwan".

In my quick, initial measurements, the ends, width and length are close to the prototype, but the sides appear about 8 inches too tall at 5ft-0 in, instead of 4 ft - 4 in. The C&EI Dwg. calls the prototype a, "LOW-SIDE STEEL GONDOLA".

Isn't it "illegal" to scan the C&EI HS magazine and post it, etc.? But I think if you want to contact Bob McQuown at the C&EIHS he would be glad to provide the prototype drawings, at: president@...<mailto:president@...>

But, for reference, the proto-dwgs. show:

42 ft - 7 1/8 in Length - Over Striking castings
7 ft - 3 3/4 in Height - Above railhead
31 ft - 0 in Truck Centers
3 ft - 9 3/8 in Railhead to Top of Floor
10 ft - 5 in Width - Over Chords

Maybe the C&EI had another series of gons even closer to this Bachmann model. (They had several different series.) But, if this one will work, and with the "free" or inexpensive offers you've all made, I could build a large fleet of them.

Thanks to all,

Paul Hillman

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Tim added:
“I am amazed you found a prototype for the model! :-)”

I am too. We’ve been looking for years for a prototype for this model, and I’m
a bit skeptical about Paul’s call on this one. I’ll have to pick a copy of the
reference and see for myself.

Ben Hom

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