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Caboose Hobbies in Denver, Co. shows them, I think, their SKU: 02296314, shows them on order. They have in stock a lot of DA parts. Maybe DA can't keep up with all the parts that they make or are not making them? I just tried finding a DA website, which I found that there is none that I found. Walthers also shows them unknown when to be expected.

Try E Bay

Larry Wolohon

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I’ve been on a freight car building binge for a few months now and supplies are beginning to run low on some items. One need is for the DA 6413 double offset bottom mount steps. C&O (my prototype) really liked those under hoppers. Every source I’ve tried is out of stock and don’t know when they’ll be in. I’ve noticed on the Walthers site that many (most?) of the DA steps out of stock with “unknown” listed for the expected availability date. Did I miss something - has DA stopped making steps? Is there another company producing similar parts?

Any ideas most gratefully appreciated.



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