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Regarding the B&O M-53 -- the brown color is correct for the paint schemes for which it is used Pre WWII and during the war. The red color was adopted post WWII and is being used by FVM with the appropriate P/L schemes.

The brown cars did run into the 50's until being repainted.

Rich Orr

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A friend of mine has a GM&N double sheathed (Athearn) boxcar painted lime green
ith a brown door, #20141. I am trying to learn if this is legitimate. It was a
ER Region convention car run by a GM&O modeler, now deceased so I would have
hought it to be accurate.
lso, is the brown color of the new Fox Valley B&O M-53 wagontop boxcars
orrect. I have seen pictures of models painted in a brighter red.
ill Williams

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