Revisions to NYC Toledo Division Freight Consists Files


Group, I have uploaded a revised List of Cars for the NYC Toledo Division freight train consists, which adds more suggestions for HO scale models to represent these cars. I have also corrected several several AAR car designations (i.e., changed "XM" to "XML"; "TPI" to "TPA"; etc.) based on the January 1957 ORER.

Finally, I removed the text files for the "model" versions of each train. These files duplicated the information found in this Excel spreadsheet and were just taking up space at this point.

I hope you still find this information useful and look forward to it generating more discussion of car distribution as a source of freight train modeling information.

Rob Erickson

P.S. I'm still hoping somebody will come up with wheel reports/consist lists for PRR Buffalo Division freight trains from the 1949-1952 era. ;-)

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