Allen Cain <allencain@...>


I am getting ready to start on some SpeedWitch kits using the Branchline
1500 Undec 40 ft boxcar with 8 ft doors using Ted's conversion parts. I
also have some Branchline 1514 kits of the Southern cars that I intend to
build using Ted's conversion parts to correct the ends, doors and roof walk.

Hopefully someone can steer me toward a good match for the paint used on the
Branchline 1514 kits so that when I install the SpeedWitch ends and doors I
can get a reasonably good match to the original Branchilne paint. I would
like to retain the Branchline lettering and logo on these cars and avoid
stripping them (may have to abandon this if the SpeedWitch decals are
dramatically different from the Branchline lettering on the 1514 kits).

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Allen Cain

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