Re: Revisions to NYC Toledo Division Freight Consists Files


Finding PRR wheel reports and consist lists is nearly impossible. The PRR considered these to be proprietary and that falling into the "wrong" hands could give competitive advantage to other roads. The SOP was to destroy the lists and reports once no longer needed for car movement.

Rich Orr

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Group, I have uploaded a revised List of Cars for the NYC Toledo Division
reight train consists, which adds more suggestions for HO scale models to
epresent these cars. I have also corrected several several AAR car
esignations (i.e., changed "XM" to "XML"; "TPI" to "TPA"; etc.) based on the
anuary 1957 ORER.
Finally, I removed the text files for the "model" versions of each train. These
iles duplicated the information found in this Excel spreadsheet and were just
aking up space at this point.
I hope you still find this information useful and look forward to it generating
ore discussion of car distribution as a source of freight train modeling
Rob Erickson
P.S. I'm still hoping somebody will come up with wheel reports/consist lists
or PRR Buffalo Division freight trains from the 1949-1952 era. ;-)

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