Re: Kadee Bracket Grab Iron Hole Locations

Tim O'Connor


One could try drilling a small round hole, and then using a 4-sided
steel reamer of a slightly larger dimension and just forcing it into
the round hole. Because the material is styrene it should deform and
provide a nearly square hole for the ladder mounting pins. (I assume
people are doing this with styrene carbodies. Don't know if resin would
deform the same way.)

Tim O'Connor

Those who were hoping to use the really fine Kadee boxcar ladders on other projects are going to be disappointed, unless they have a drill that drills rectangular holes. Kadee has chosen, wisely, as far as I'm concerned, to make the mounting pegs rectangular, .024" x .044". This allows a much stronger mounting than round pegs could provide, and ensures that the ladders remain straight, but the difficulty of generating the rectangular slots in a model that wasn't molded with them in place is going to preclude using these ladders on other projects. Because of this, I haven't bothered to post the slot dimensions.

These are indeed wonderful parts. The grab irons and ladder rungs measure just .010" in diameter, smaller than the .012" wire that is commonly used in HO scale for these parts. The minimum diameter for these parts on the prototype is 5/8", which scales to .007", but some prototype parts are made from larger stock. The Kadee rung scale to just a bit larger than 7/8", not far from the mark.

Dennis Storzek

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