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O Fenton Wells

Thanks for the nice reply. Sounds like on my North Carolina layout set in
November 1952, I could go either way. If the doors are black however, the
car should be a little more weathered for my era.
Fenton Wells
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Hi, Fenton -

It depends on the era of the photo. The New Haven steel Box Cars were
delivered with black doors. When they were shopped the doors were repainted
with the body color. I don't recall if all of the steel box cars delivered
in the '40s received the black doors, but the majority did.

Note that repainting began by the late '40s, so by 1947-48 you'd be seeing
a mix of black doors and oxide red.

I'm not sure I've seen any pictures in the '50s with black doors, but that
doesn't mean there weren't any by then. I'd have to dig a bit more for

Randy Hammill
Modeling the New Haven Railroad 1946-1954

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Great photo John. This brings up an interesting question for a novice
freight car fan. The picture shows a New Haven boxcar. I was told by
someone that the doors on these cars were painted black. This one is not.
Do I have incorrect info? Any knowledgeable NH fans out there that can
me straight?
Fenton Wells
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Here is a link to a photo in (I think)the University of Indiana
showing an M-26 in the first 13 great states lettering. In this case,
color is definitely a version of the oxide red.

I have a slide, taken in 1946 at Brunswick, that shows a couple of
M-15s in
the same lettering but in what appears to be brown paint. I guess it
depended on how much old paint was still in the barrel.

John King

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The "red" paint began with the 13 great states lettering scheme in
These cars are in the second run scheduled for release in the Spring of

Rich Orr

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Regarding the B&O M-53 -- the brown color is correct for the paint
schemes for
hich it is used Pre WWII and during the war. The red color was
WII and is being used by FVM with the appropriate P/L schemes.

The brown cars did run into the 50's until being repainted.

Equally important for those of us modeling the mid to late 1940's
pproximately when was the brighter red first used? I, too, have noted

ifference and it can add variety to a freight train but I do not wish
use it
nd than find it did not come into general use until after 1948.
Thanks for any assistance, Don Valentine

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