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Lee --

Thanks for the info. Dan's photo is the one I have in my files. Of course, I'm not sure I want to recreate this car now--the prototype is a little odd!


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See the following:

Lee A. Gautreauax - The RailGoat

I have a photo in my files (downloaded from the net, but I don't remember where!) of a 40 PS-1 boxcar, Western Pacific 21379. It has the orange feather on the right side, along with the "Rides like a Feather" slogan. The road number and Capacity data are restenciled in white, and it is heavily weathered. Here is what I don't understand: There is a Frisco Lines herald on the left, above the WP and car number. I have a Kadee car that I would like to weather, and I am thinking about this scheme, but I wold like to know where the prototype came from.

Any ideas?

Steve Kay

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