Re: PRR 40 ft Auto Boxcars w/Evans Racks (was: auto box w/white stripe)

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Bud Rindfleisch wrote:

Richard or anyone else familiar with Pennsy autoboxes....that white
stripe on the right door (on 40'double door cars) that designated
internal racks, do you know which # series had those stripes? Were
they only round roof cars?

I'm 90% sure that the only 40 ft PRR Evans autoloader cars were in
Class X31A (Class X37B cars were equipped for auto parts loading),
though I'll have to check after I get home tonight to make sure.

As for number series, welcome to the briar patch known as Pennsy
Class X31A! Here's a link to Rob Schoenberg's page on Class X31

Cars equipped with racks are scattered throughout the number series -
you'll have to go to the notes section of the Pennsy ORER listing to
locate specific car numbers. I can look them up for you tonight if
you have a specific year in mind.

Ben Hom

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