Lost in lisle

Clark Propst

For those of you who attended the Lisle RPM over the weekend and felt lost in the hotel catacombs don't feel bad.

Mike Moore and I stopped for a sandwich last night in Galena Ill. There were several people setting at a table next to us carrying on a lively conversation. A lady turned and asked me "Do you have a Rockford Iowa?" Alls I could say was "How'd you know I was from Iowa?" A few more exchanges revealed she was from Rosemount MN and that they were traveling to Byron MN. Also "The Vikings game was so load you couldn't hear the GPS instructions." Mike and I analyzed the sketchy information the lady had given us. We came to the conclusion they had somehow selected Byron Ill on there GPS and hadn't realized they'd crossed two state lines - one being the Mississippi river! Oh, it's maybe 90 minutes from Rosemount to Byron MN....

Was a great show. Best group of clinics I can remember.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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