Re: ACL Hoppers


Richard Stallsworth wrote:" I wouldn't expect to see
loaded "wetrock" phosphate cars in SC.

Post 1930 that would probably be true. However, prior to that time
it would be entirely possible to see wetrock (ACL) cars in
Charleston. Charleston SC was the first location in the US where
phosphate was mined on a large scale. The ore was transported from
the mines nortwest of the city (via the ACL/Sou) to processing mills
located on the peninsula. ACL valuation maps show 12+ mills on the
peninsula alone. The discovery and development of larger, richer
phosphate depots in FL, overtaxation of the industry by the SC
legislature, and the great depression, all effectively killed
phosphate mining in SC by 1930.

In regard to the woodracks, the SAL also served the Westvaco paper
mill in North Charleston which could account for the woodracks in
the referenced switchlist.


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