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Hello Group,
To everyone who attended my first RPM presentation on Friday night, thanks for attending. I wish I would have had a second time slot, but such is life. I did want to point out for everyone else that as part of my presentation, I prepared a comprehensive freight car roster for the GN, using the January 1940, January 1945, and January 1950 ORERs.

This roster has now been posted to the Steam Freight Cars website as a downloadable PDF. The links are on the homepage. The roster has been formatted to print out on a standard 8.5x11 inch piece of paper. Each sheet has the number series, AAR car type, and car description as the first three columns. If you print it out, the roster will be four sheets across, and thirteen sheets down, for a total of 72 pages. I will leave it up to you to collate and bind it, if so desired.

In addition to a word by word transcription of the ORER dimensional data, and the number of cars in each series in 1940, 1945, and 1950; I have used various GN diagram books in my collection to fill in columns with the build dates, builders and lot numbers, if I have them, and number of cars built for each series. Also, I transcribed each of the endnotes in each edition of the ORER, which are separately downloadable PDF documents.

Also, as best as I can, I list the trucks, doors, roofs, ends, brake type, running board type, brake step type, and brake wheel type for each series of cars in the built and if applicable, rebuilt and/or modernized configurations.

Finally, I list the GN AFEs applicable to each of the cars, and a HO scale kit or model for each car if one exists.

This roster was assembled entirely from primary source data such as ORERs, GN equipment lists and diagram books, and photos in my collection (I did reference Ted Culotta's table for the various series of modified 1925 ARA DS cars in his Essential Freight Cars article, but corroborated it with my data. Not surprisingly, I found no inconsistencies). If you have any additions or corrections, I welcome them and will incorporate them into future revisions of this roster. However, please be prepared to cite a primary source for your information.

Anyway, I hope some of you will find this information useful. I would like to thank my good friend Rob Adams for formatting the roster into something easily downloadable and useful, as well as uploading it to the web. Also, thanks to Tom Olsen for copying the January 1950 GN ORER pages for me, and thanks to Allen Stanley of Railroad Data Exchange for sending me PDF copies of the GN diagram books. Finally, thanks to Jim Kinkaid for allowing Mr. Stanley to scan the GN diagram books in his collection.

Robert D. Heninger
Iowa City, Iowa

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