E: Walthers 54 ft. GSC flat car Car No. 469980

Tim O'Connor

Elden, stringers? I have three photos of F41 decks, there are no
stringers visible. (Seems like that would always be true, since stringers
support the deck.)

Tim O'

Tim you are right. I have one partly built, and chose the Walthers since it
looks more like a cast frame than the Tichy, and also the lack of cast-on
board makes it easier, esp to install the cross members and stringers that
show on the deck surface.

If you want a shot of the deck so you can see the diffs, you may have to look
at the PRR flat car book...

Elden Gatwood

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That's true, but if you were going to model one, you would start with the
Walthers flat car model, because it's far more like the F41's than anything
else out there and modifications are much easier thanks to the separate deck.

Tim O'Connor

The Walters "Commonwealth" flat is not an F41, F41A or F41B. All of those had
a cast frame with different framing aft the bolsters, shallower end sills and
side sills up to the bolster, and other differences.
Elden Gatwood

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