Re: Lisle RPM

Andy Harman

At 02:26 PM 10/24/2011 -0400, you wrote:
Just a quick "Thank You" to Joe and all involved in putting on the Lisle RPM
meet (formerly.... and soon to be again... known as "Naperville").
I thought the hotel rooms were quite nice, although the toilets sounded like a freight train going into emergency. The facility was adequate overall, but kind of a rat maze. I heard there were 300+ people there but there wasn't any central gathering point like there is at the lobby of the old Naperville hotel.

Ever notice how few night owls there are anymore? I remember the glorious 90s when we'd close down the bar at Naperville and there would still be 4 tables and 20-25 people. I think I must be the last night owl... always have been. Now I just go to my room and get on the laptop.


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