Re: Weathering clinic handout

Tim O'Connor

Tony, you guys left out (1) grit blasters and (2) "silver" Sharpie.

Also various grades of sandpaper (lately I use 3M soft sanding blocks).
These are great for going over flat car decks -after- they have been

And if you can find it, REAL rust. I have maybe 8 oz of rust flakes
and powder collected from a scrap pile, from large fingernail sizes
down to fine pigment. Great for dirty gondola interiors.

Tim O'

At 10/24/2011 03:28 PM Monday, you wrote:
At the just-concluded Lisle meeting, Richard Hendrickson and I did a
joint clinic on weathering of freight cars. We ran out of handouts, so
I have posted the handout document via GoogleDocs on my blog. Here is
the link.

Tony Thompson

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