Re: Prototype for MDC/Athearn 41 foot gondola

Tim O'Connor

C&O -- there were multiple orders w/ variations. I think
they were built beginning in the 1930's. Try to find a copy
of the book "Freight Car Equipment, 1937" published by the

Tim O'Connor

At 10/24/2011 03:01 PM Monday, you wrote:
Can someone please provide some background on this model? Here is what I am looking for specifically:

Years built
dimensional data (especially inside length and CUFT)
approximately what CAPY, LD LMT, and LT WT would be

I am getting custom decals made to letter some for my dad's private roadname, and would like to make them as plausible as possible.


Matthew J. Moellendorf
Sturgeon Bay, WI

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